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Genevieve Chadwick is back – reinvigorated and raring to return.


The weight of her absence from music is in direct proportion to the indelible mark the

musician made before her five-year hiatus.


Before romance lured Chadwick to the small Riverina town of Coleambally in 2015,

the songwriter from the South Coast had already taken a firm foothold on the music



There were two acclaimed and accomplished records, 2010’s Riding the Wind,

Forgetting Time and 2014’s Genevieve Chadwick, the latter a collaboration with the

global Playing For Change project.


A lauded live performer, Chadwick claimed 2013’s People’s Choice Award at the

Telstra Road to Discovery Finals in Tamworth and played the nation’s most coveted

blues and roots festivals.


This comes as little surprise when you hear her powerful, soulful voice and spirit-

lifting, kinetic guitar-work. Chadwick writes with directness of intent – unadulterated

roots rock with blues and Americana influences, void of bells and whistles. The

musician’s albums are songbooks that shift between big dynamic showstoppers and

intimate, stirring balladry.


But in the small town of Coleambally, music didn’t just take a backseat for Chadwick

– it was no longer in the same vehicle. As the songwriter explains, “In late 2015 I

moved out west, took a chance on love and, in turn, a break from music.”


But Chadwick’s flame for music would be rekindled. “I moved back to the South

Coast in late 2020,” the songwriter explains. “The relationship ended and then, like

magic, the music came back. There’s something about the south coast and the

ocean that fixes something in me, makes everything ok again.”


And, just like that, Chadwick and her guitar are back together and hot and heavy.

Now, with a few extra miles on the odometer and her passion renewed, the Milton-

based musician has picked up where she left off – and there’s a batch of new music

due for release.


“The new songs were created after the breakdown of the relationship,” Chadwick

explains, “they’re about reflection, moving on and starting over. I guess a lot of my

songwriting is about that, about my experiences of love, loss, freedom and love of

life. I guess my writing has naturally evolved with age – more chinks in the armour

equals more stories to tell.”


Chadwick has been working on the new material with drummer and producer Syd

Green, formerly of 19Twenty and now Kasey Chambers’ band, at his Jervis Bay

studio. The first taste will be single ‘Headlights’.


“‘Headlights’ was written one night while I was howling at the moon,” Chadwick says.

“It’s about connecting with that life force, that feeling of knowing you’re at the

crossroads, feeling that change in the wind and surrendering to the transformation.”

Chadwick has been busy trialling the new compositions on stage, with plans afoot for

a full tour to pass through grass-roots venues like community halls – as well as the

requisite festival appearances. “It’s been great so far road-testing the new songs and

reconnecting with fans, making new ones and being back in the scene again,”

Chadwick says. “I’m super keen to play all the festivals and the music-lovers shows.”


While many of her followers would be familiar with her prowess as a solo performer,

Chadwick plans to get the band back together. “I’m focusing on band gigs these

days which is such a blast,” the songwriter says. “It feels much more exciting with the

band and it’s really adding to how the songs develop. I’m loving playing music



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